The best bag ever with lots of great features!

Delivered to many people around the world.

A new item with a sleek design and a new smart lock.

Create a new market with J-Smart Lock on every bag.

We've already completed our first round of tooling, trialed the machining process, made first full samples and put them through their paces. Now we need your help to enter the final stage, complete the final tooling and kickoff production.


Company Information

● Company name : JBS Inc.

● Officer : Tadao Yasuda / CEO
       Lianpin Dong / COO

● Head office:〒557-0063
         2-2-17 Minamitsumori, Nishinari-ku, Osaka, Japan
         TEL. 06-6657-0077 FAX. 06-6657-0066

● Capital : 10 million yen

● Company formation : May 2002